Sunday, October 4, 2015

Inktober Days 3 and 4

Double your art, this post!

Got tied up and wasn't able to post these on their individual days.

October 3rd was "Fullmetal Alchemist Day" and, being one of my favorite animes I knew I wanted to draw something for that. Unfortunately the day ran long and I had to settle for the logo instead of a pic of Edward and Alphonse. Since I technically didn't draw them it won't break my rule to do so at a later date this month.

Today, I decided on a quick illustration of Mike Mignola's wonderful character, Hellboy. Despite his gnarly look and the absurd nature of his story, I've always loved that HB was so down to earth and human, reacting to the weirdos and craziness with such a level of, "sigh, okay." I didn't realize it till now but this series is heavily inspiring the wandering aspect of a project I will likely start work on after Inktober.

Enjoy! I may attempt to take things up a notch tomorrow.

- Conduct Lionhardt

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