Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inktober Day 7

Today's image is of Friday Foster. Who is Friday Foster, you might ask? Well, this is Friday Foster.

First time drawing her but, it won't be my last...

- Conduct Lionhardt

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Inktober Day 6

This whole Inktober has been a challenge. Having to fit it into a time of my life that is very difficult and unfortunately full, schedule-wise. I've yet to take time and focus well enough to have done a drawing I'm actually pleased with and proud of. But I dedicated to do it so you all have to bear with my lackluster quality until things get better or I manage some sort of breakthrough in limited time illustrating.

I chose Luke Cage and Iron Fist as today's piece since Marvel announced a new series for them, by writer Brad Walker and artist Sanford Greene. These two guys on a title is the second big step by Marvel to get black creators on books they publish so, for those who were unaware, it is kind of a big deal.

(I tossed them in Sanford's redesigned costumes. You might notice the similarities of the figure work too. Sanford is WAY better than I.)

- Conduct Lionhardt

Monday, October 5, 2015

Inktober Day 5

I've decided that the work I am doing on these posts for Inktober (done late in the night, and long after my best energy has been exhausted) isn't all that great for the outcome of things I actually want people seeing. I'm a pretty harsh self-critic and it is rare that I enjoy something I've illustrated when I look at it the next day.

All that said, I will be switching things up and doing my pieces earlier in the day as well as putting a bit more time into them (so I can at least not cringe at what I posted late the night before.) And, in a classic example of loopholing, I will likely draw a few of the subjects I already have to a far better degree of detail and quality.

I took on this challenge for a reason and its time to really use it to challenge myself and hopefully come out on the other end a better talent, for it.

Tonight's is a really rough sketch of a sleeping Ninja that is in a series of stories I use to get my niece and nephew to go to sleep. My plan (copyright pending) is to make the stories into picture books for kids. Here's the sketch which I have decided isn't close to the final look I'll want this lazy dude to have:

- Conduct Lionhardt

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Inktober Days 3 and 4

Double your art, this post!

Got tied up and wasn't able to post these on their individual days.

October 3rd was "Fullmetal Alchemist Day" and, being one of my favorite animes I knew I wanted to draw something for that. Unfortunately the day ran long and I had to settle for the logo instead of a pic of Edward and Alphonse. Since I technically didn't draw them it won't break my rule to do so at a later date this month.

Today, I decided on a quick illustration of Mike Mignola's wonderful character, Hellboy. Despite his gnarly look and the absurd nature of his story, I've always loved that HB was so down to earth and human, reacting to the weirdos and craziness with such a level of, "sigh, okay." I didn't realize it till now but this series is heavily inspiring the wandering aspect of a project I will likely start work on after Inktober.

Enjoy! I may attempt to take things up a notch tomorrow.

- Conduct Lionhardt

Friday, October 2, 2015

Inktober Day 2

Today's 2nd post and Day 2's drawing is of Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon's fantastic spy character, Casanova Quinn from the series "Casanova" published by Image Comics.

It's seriously a wild, trippy, crazy book that is about a spy but also about a million other things. Cas is always getting further and further into interdimensional hi-jinks.

here you go!

- Conduct Lionhardt

Inktober Day 1

After years of sitting on the sidelines and watching, I have decided to do Inktober this year!!

For those not in the know, THIS is Inktober.

Back? Gooood. While the rules for Inktober were listed on there for you to read, I wanted to us this as a chance to REALLY challenge myself and I am implementing my own:

1.) I will only use two ink pens (Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Faber Castell Pitt Pen)

2.) I am limited to one hour max to illustrate. (my usual work is done in a few hours)

3.) No repeat characters/subjects

Cool? I hope so. I also hope that I can fit it in between my work and stuff.

Sorry that this post went up a day late but, hey, DOUBLE POST DAY!!!

Day 1's image is Cartoon Network classic, Samurai Jack!

- Conduct Lionhardt

Monday, August 17, 2015


So, a big apology is necessary from me to all of you (whoever you are) out there. I was in the process of a move from my apartment (a woefully dramatic situation, that place was. I'd get into the details but its over and done. Me and my former roommates are better off with not being under such...pressures) and I decided that since I'd be gone so long, I should set up a few posts to automatically drop ever 2 weeks. Thing is, having not done that ever before with this blog, I kinda messed it up and didn't click the right things and well, obviously, nothing posted in that time. So, yeah, I apologize for falling off the face of the earth.

That said, having gone back over the posts I realize that a few of them don't reflect my frame of mind about the subjects and others spoke on stuff that recent events in the world the past month have given me more to think on. The art, however, is still worth showing.

I'm kinda still in between places as of this moment today and all the fun that comes with it so, since the only new art I have done this past month is work related, I'll try and space these out over a couple of days so you guys can feel like I'm being far more productive in "fun art" than I actually am at the moment. haha.

Scotty, ("beam me up, Scotty!") from the original Star Trek.
9x12 brush pen on Strathmore bristol board.

I may toss some background on this at some point. A few of my things are in storage right now otherwise this (and other things I shall post) would show the process from from pencils to final inks. I really wanna do a whole "how I do it" process post but that's gonna wait till things get settled and I'm back in my usual groove.(peep that I'll be shouting out the equipment I use from now on. Maybe the love will allow me to get an endorse me. haha.)
Talk to y'all soon,

Conduct Lionhardt