Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inktober Day 20

Okay, initially I was thinking of doing random days where the art would be inked sequential pages. I have a special project in mind that basically doesn't require a lot of set up or too much figuring things out BEFORE drawing. But I had a few shifts in my schedule and plans for this month that made starting that next to impossible (although...maybe some thing for the coming month. hmmm...)
Anyways, this is from something else entirely, a thing I once tried to get a grant toward but didn't pan out. In terms of story, I have this one fleshed out almost to every single beat. Its a cool idea that has only somewhat been tread before.

All that said, (and yeah, I know its vague as all get-out) this is a sneak peek at an important image near the end of a sequential series I will get to at some point, hopefully in the very near future...

- Conduct Lionhardt

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