Monday, March 26, 2012

Behind on Things

Man, I am totally behind on things. For that, I am sorry.

Freelance and...well, everything else are somewhat of a clash these days. But, I am trying to make things up and get stuff back on track.

I meant to put some tones on that Dr. Divinity page since I posted the layout pencils and then the flat blacks but, I haven't gotten around to it. (Also, I sort of hate how it looks and wanna re-draw most of it.)

Anyways, to get myself back on track, I've started doing most of the stuff on my docket in non-photo blue pencil and going straight to inks and tones. It makes the process go swiftly and I finish things pretty quick.

So, here are some and I'll post some more when I scan them.

again, sorry for falling off on blogging and sharing art.

- Conduct Lionhardt

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr Divinity and the Ink

Here's the ink. Next up some gray tones...

Oh, sorry for no notable thoughts. I'm just catching up on some work and have little time. Soon enough, some thoughtful posts, some more NON-comic based art, and two interviews!

- Conduct Lionhardt

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Creator Owned Day"

I am by NO MEASURE an actual comicbook professional.

Just wanted to put that disclaimer out there. I am not one. I have a few friends who are, I've done some inquiry here and there but, that is not something that I am doing with myself...well, at this juncture anyways.

Still, having always been a part of, in one way or another, the world of sequential artforms, I do keep abreast of notable news items and dates that are relevant to the field. That brings us to today: Creator-Owned Day.

The basis of this day is that its the day of the year in-which comic professionals (and those trying to BE professionals) celebrate the joy of intellectual properties that they themselves own, as opposed to characters that are the property of the companies one can work for. In the last 20 years there has been a huge surge in the amount of industry folks who've broken away from the security (or restrictions, some would say) of the major comicbook companies, and forged independant books, created, and owned COMPLETELY by the writers and artists.

This day is one in which any creator that owns characters or books is given carte blanche to talk up their books, showcase artwork featuring their characters, or tease fans with art of something they have in the works. It's a celebration of independance and creativity.

In honor of the day, you'll find my contributions below.

I've been slowing building up artwork for a book by Bryce Swan based somewhat on his life called "Dr. Divinity...Bookseller!" It's Bryce's creator-owned book, I'm just the artist he came to, to draw it. I had every intention of showing one panel from a sequence, from pencil stage to ink. Unfortunately, my inks died on me a few brushes into it so, all I have is the pencils, for today.

The second drawing is from a project I am still awaiting copyright to go through on before I can say anything about it. I know I said I wasn't a professional. I'm not. But, it doesn't mean that I don't have ideas in the works for a moment where I'll have time to pursue making my own book. I've two copyrights pending, THIS is an early character sketch of what one may somewhat look like.

Man...these are rough. Ha, ha. They were the only things I had for the day which were even remotely close to "creator-owned" though. Hopefully (if anyone looks at the NON interview posts) these were somewhat of a cool distraction. Celebrate independant ownership and creativity, y'all!

- Conduct Lionhardt