Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finales, Endings...Beginnings?

This time of the year I notice that a lot of things seem to be ending and, as some of you may be aware, the idea that everything is "finite" is of interest to me. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to speak on this for a second.

I'm a huge fan of the sequential art forms, especially Graphic novels and comics. Some of my favorites have been ones were, either, the artist/writer team was on for a storyline of determined issue count or, mini-series with a predetermined start-middle-climax. I just find some comfort in knowing that a thing isn't going on forever...just because. Ha, ha. I think its really my desire for a thing to relate too. In my life things begin, happen, and then end so I feel more comfortable with my fictional intact doing the same. Or...maybe its more than that.

We often seem to relate a thing's greatness or importance to our own personal "circle" of perspective. If you can attache a moment of your life, or a flight of individual desire you've had to it, its usually more appealing. But (and this could be just me) I tend to think that there's this larger perspective out there which differs from my own that is...well, to be honest, a wider view than my little "circle" allows me. What this has to do with the subject at hand is that, for the most part, we all have portions of existence and experiences that we want to end. A finale, to a certain extent, is a culmination of events that, in the end SHOULD bring about...SOMETHING. That's why we watch a movie all the way through or, watch the last episodes of our favorite TV season. We want that...THING to happen! Spur my thoughts! Shock me! Flip the fictional paradigm! That's what a finale. Its FINAL... in some ways. (finale is a funny word. I thinks its inappropriately used, though)

Its an end, yet, funny enough, endings and finales usually lead to some kind of beginning. Since, as the phrase would have you believe, "Life goes on," when you come to an end it immediately creates a beginning. I finish a graphic novel and then I have choices of what to do NEXT. That's a beginning, people. I have to START what I'm going to do once I've placed that book down...or after those credits have rolled...or after I break up with the girl...or the school year ends and summer begins.

My overall point? Sweet Christmas, I dunno. It could be plenty of things but, personally, looking at the end of a school year and seeing some of my students from youth group either heading into a summer break or leaving for college, I look at it is both a finale (with all the requisite pomposity of such things) as well as a beginning.

And like any other person who faces the end and then ponders or takes timid steps, I'm looking what begins next.

- Conduct Liohardt