The standard prices for black-and- white drawings are as follows:

9" x 12" 1 Character Pinup: - $25-$50, depending on detail

9" x 12" 2 Characters/More Detail: - $35-$75, depending on detail

11" x 17" Multiple Characters/Big Detail: - $100 and up

Sizes are a ballpark start; some drawings will end up varying from the norm. I often like to experiment with different paper.

For color illustrations, prices are DOUBLE. 

Prices for full illustration (or design) are as follows:

Cover Art: $100-$400 (depending on design, medium, and level of detail)

Logos: $175-$300 (depending on design)

T-shirt designs: $100-$200 (depending on level of detail)

Tattoo design: $30-$100 (depending on style and level of detail)

I generally work in pencil, pen, and watercolor, but I may consider other mediums (makers, gouache, etc)depending on the project.

Portraits of people you know will include an extra $10 surcharge due to the difficulty of using reference for likenesses.

I accept payment by Paypal, check, or cash (If cash, preferably in a dark alley. I bring the art, you bring the briefcase full of cash. No cops.)

Shoot me with an email, and we'll set it up.

Shipping in the U.S. is $10, and it's $15 international.

Anything other than regular mail will also be paid for by the buyer.

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