Sunday, July 27, 2014

Here to Show the World

There are a few things I truly can't get enough of in this life. Some of them are things everyone can vibe with and agree on. But one of those things is the in-ring performance (night after night) by WWE superstar, Dolph Ziggler.

Today (or the next 15 min since I did this so late) is his birthday and after a few hours of watching some of his best matches on youtube and the WWE network, I had to craft a gift to show him my appreciation. He delivers in every match he does, not only making himself look good but also proving to be one of the best in-ring collaborators. He can make the worst ring worker look like a top pro. And its both what he does for himself and how he crafts the in-ring performance that puts him a cut above everyone else on the show today.

Here's a bit of process and the piece itself. I hope you all enjoy it, in place of him getting the (hopefully) pleasure of seeing it. (I'll be doing a few more of illustrations of him when my work load lightens up again.)

- Conduct Lionhardt

Monday, July 21, 2014

Work in Progress: Chiwetel Ejiofor

It may be a little while before I can post up again and I wasn't going to share this until it was done and ready to be sold BUT, my sister has threatened to put it up anyway...

Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, in-progress. 60-75% done.

- Conduct Lionhardt

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Benedict Cumberbatch is a big deal these days. Whether starring in BBC's highly successful "Sherlock" series, playing intriguing characters (with plenty of dialogue so we can hear his toned voice) or being an English heartthrob, Benedict is having a great run.

Here's a rather ominous image of him that I recently completed. 9x12, inks on Bristol, staring right into your soul!

inquiries and commissions request:

- Conduct Lionhardt

Hitting the Mark

I'm a huge fan of both the show "Arrow" and the comic book character "Green Arrow" (YES, both the pre and post "New52" versions. The Lemire/Sorrentino run has been the best thing DC has going for it right now AND who doesn't love the older stories with loudmouthed, Oliver Queen?)

So, someone suggested I show that love through illustration and thus, this piece based on the show version of the character (but done in a somewhat similar style to Andrea Sorrentino's art) is what happened.

9x12, inks, Bristol Board. (for inquiries and commission questions, hit the contact or commissions pages, or email:

- Conduct Lionhardt


I heard that this month was the anniversary of Owen Hart's tragic death and a friend asked me to illustrate an image in tribute. So here is Owen goofing around with his older brother Bret "the Hitman" Hart.

Oh, this one is NOT for sale...because I have some special plans for it. *hint, hint, wink, wink*

- Conduct Lionhardt

Progression Piece: Heimdall

Here's a progression of my 9x12 Heimdall piece, as portrayed by Idris Elba in Marvel's Thor films.


(non-photo blue pencils)

(inks over non-photo blue)

(black and white inks)

(As I have stated previously, inquiries on purchases or how to get a commission can be emailed at:

- Conduct Lionhardt

Piece progression: Thor

Been awhile so I shall be posting quite a bit for the next few days. I'll be posting up a few pieces, showcasing stages, as well as just showing some cool final illustrations. For anyone interested in buying anything I post up (or have commission inquiries) you can hit me up: (or check out the commissions page which list a few facts and the email.)

First up is a piece I had shown a few stages on which is almost completely done (just waiting on a new white pen to come in so I can add the rain) of the movie version of Thor.


(apologies for the crappy camera pics. I'll properly scan the final version.)

- Conduct Lionhardt