Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Rough Go of things

Geez...I'm only managing a post a month here. Sheesh. Sorry again for that.

In all honesty, I could bore to tears the series of things that have popped up in my life to derail consistency in my posting here. But I'm trying to continually remind myself that external things effecting output is really just an excuse. I need to get priorities straight and its me that just doesn't do it. I mean, its not like I have a staff doing my art or music, ya know?

Since I've been having a rough go of things, in my everyday life, what you'll see below is a bunch of roughs. Pages, layouts, and design work. None of it is the finished versions of anything. I just figured that since much of what I do is stuff I'd have to get cleared for to post up, I can show you some stuff that's either in-the-works OR that I've fooled around with inbetween more official pieces. Some of this is WAAAY older and some of it is quite new.

Enjoy. And I'll triple my efforts to have a more interesting post, both visually as well as written-wise.

- Conduct Lionhardt