Monday, December 30, 2013


Busy, busy, busy! I have been trying to close the year out strong, finishing up cover work I look forward to everyone seeing. But fret not, faithful blog viewers, in-between the paying gigs, I've been working up some art (which shall be for sale) and, though it takes a bit longer due to having the paid stuff take priority, I decided to share some works-in-progress for you to see!

Check it out:

Thor (blue pencils and inks. Quite unfinished. haha)

Heimdall (as portrayed by Idris Elba. Blue pencils, awaiting more penciling and then inks)

 As you can see, I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World, this year. I'll be adding...maybe 2 more pieces inspired by that film, to these.

More art coming. Stay tuned...

- Conduct Lionhardt

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Specials!

Hello everyone, I have a special thing to share with you:

I'm having a sale of all the art below (and the stuff I'll be posting in the coming days) as well as a super discount on my commission rates. Its a HOLIDAY SPECIAL that I'll be doing from now all the way until the first of January!!

I know that its been a rough year for many people financially and good ole' Conduct has felt the blows as well. But cheer up, 2014 approaches! And with Holidays coming up super soon, I figured that doing some additional art for people would be a nice way to close things out and get a little coin to help me out with some extra costs that have popped up in my life.

Because I know how things have been with funds, all my art I'll be posting will be on sale for $30. If that's not a sweet deal, then maybe this will tickle your collective fancies: All my commission rates are gonna be 50% less until the first of January.


Click the "Commissions" link and find the size/style that you want and half that bad boy! (shipping rates, though, remain. Dang the Man on that one.) Hit me up an email and we'll get you some fresh, as-you-requested-it art for your pretty coin.

Get me to make you some art. It is fun and challenging for me and you get something that you can tell friends staring at the piece, "Yeah...that was MY idea."

Peep the pieces for sale below!

 Trinity, from "The Matrix." Brush pens on Bristol board. $30

Peter Dinklage (as he'll appear in "Days of Future Past." Brush pens on Bristol board. $30

Oh, and for those who wanna see more of what my range of things I can do are, my Flickr link (in the "Contacts" page, has some of the "better" stuff I've done. Check it out!)

- Conduct Lionhardt