Monday, December 30, 2013


Busy, busy, busy! I have been trying to close the year out strong, finishing up cover work I look forward to everyone seeing. But fret not, faithful blog viewers, in-between the paying gigs, I've been working up some art (which shall be for sale) and, though it takes a bit longer due to having the paid stuff take priority, I decided to share some works-in-progress for you to see!

Check it out:

Thor (blue pencils and inks. Quite unfinished. haha)

Heimdall (as portrayed by Idris Elba. Blue pencils, awaiting more penciling and then inks)

 As you can see, I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World, this year. I'll be adding...maybe 2 more pieces inspired by that film, to these.

More art coming. Stay tuned...

- Conduct Lionhardt

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