Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekends and Updates

Hello everybody, I'm finally caught up on stuff and back to blogging! I will be sharing some thoughts and plenty of art a bit more frequently around these parts.

I started a new work schedule that is just producing some wonderful results, both with my output as well as allowing me to have something I've not been really able to enjoy for quite some time: the weekend. For probably the passed 5 years, my weekends haven't been a detached entity from the rest of the work week. They have basically been additional work days (of one form or another) in which I focus, prepare for, or actively spend time on paying work. While it has served me well on the end of getting projects done for clients and things like that, it has left me feeling pretty rundown and frustrated. In an attempt to change things and free up time for me, I changed the way I worked in the middle of this passed January. Now my weekends can be spent catching some TV or film, reading, and generally enjoying my mind being off the next paying gig until Monday morning. I've also been able to start back to work on some personal projects, stuff that in the past years has only gotten the very smallest amount of my time. I feel that it is healthy for me to be able to detach and I can already say that the benefits of having a weekend again are allowing me to come back to "work" with a fresh perspective and way better energy.

 While I can't YET share what cool personal projects I've got cooking up, I do have a few more looks at those "Thor: the Dark World" illustrations I have been slowly chipping away at (in-between client work.) Hopefully these will get done nice and soon, with my now having 2 days a week where I can choose to give them hours of attention. In the meanwhile, here's the work-in-progress:

- Conduct Lionhardt

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