Monday, March 26, 2012

Behind on Things

Man, I am totally behind on things. For that, I am sorry.

Freelance and...well, everything else are somewhat of a clash these days. But, I am trying to make things up and get stuff back on track.

I meant to put some tones on that Dr. Divinity page since I posted the layout pencils and then the flat blacks but, I haven't gotten around to it. (Also, I sort of hate how it looks and wanna re-draw most of it.)

Anyways, to get myself back on track, I've started doing most of the stuff on my docket in non-photo blue pencil and going straight to inks and tones. It makes the process go swiftly and I finish things pretty quick.

So, here are some and I'll post some more when I scan them.

again, sorry for falling off on blogging and sharing art.

- Conduct Lionhardt

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