Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Gear Up

First off, I like the title of this post. Just reading it there...its cool. I think I may do a song or story titled that...

I feel pretty bad. I'm totally becoming one of those people that puts up a blog with bold and fancy intentions to keep the content on it constant and to frequently have reasons for people to come and check things out...who then proceeds to hardly ever post.

The thing is, I'm just busy. I wish that weren't true in the sense that it is, though. See, I'm busy gearing up to BE busy. I have some ambitious things I'd like to attempt to make happen this year and, in order to do them, I have to take this time to really get my discipline (schedule-wise,) techniques, materials, and money, where it needs to be. That means...well, the blogging of thoughts, interviews, and some art bits, takes a heavy backseat.

The whole thing brought me to thinking, though. Its funny how in life we end up in these moments where we are working toward doing "Real work," the sort that a person finds internally (or maybe externally as well) fulfilling. I'm sure I'm not the only one who, in a sense, has had to do "The Gear Up," moving all pieces to where they need to be in order to begin the process of starting something.

I guess it's not just with "projects" though. Could be a relationship you're seeking to begin (or rejuvenate,) or a new approach to how you look at life. We all do it. Sometimes its for ourselves, other times for our future, and even sometimes, we do it for the benefit of others. There's something really intersting about that timeframe, where we seek to get it all together.

In those times you really learn a good deal about yourself.

Its funny that, for me, I find my conversations with God really end up having me stop ignoring stuff I was procrastinating to change. Its easy to push things aside, especially stuff that we're really gonna have to work at to get passed or correct. It is always tough but, I'm really glad that it happens. I need those moments, as tough as they are. It's through this "process" that I literally start to feel a freshness come with every striving step forward. On the other side you're probably more equipt for what it was you were trying to do. You had to change to be able to do them.

I hope that is the case with me, here, because the stuff I'm trying to do is really cool and exciting to me. I hope that excitement and freshness translates to the work. I hope it translates to those who'll give it a chance. I hope all the progression I'm striving for, comes through. I hope it will be as worthwhile to experience for others, as it seems to be for me bringing it all together.

We'll see...

- Conduct Lionhardt

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  1. The Gear Up would make a terrific story. I'm looking forward to it. ;) Right along the lines of what you're saying here.