Monday, October 5, 2015

Inktober Day 5

I've decided that the work I am doing on these posts for Inktober (done late in the night, and long after my best energy has been exhausted) isn't all that great for the outcome of things I actually want people seeing. I'm a pretty harsh self-critic and it is rare that I enjoy something I've illustrated when I look at it the next day.

All that said, I will be switching things up and doing my pieces earlier in the day as well as putting a bit more time into them (so I can at least not cringe at what I posted late the night before.) And, in a classic example of loopholing, I will likely draw a few of the subjects I already have to a far better degree of detail and quality.

I took on this challenge for a reason and its time to really use it to challenge myself and hopefully come out on the other end a better talent, for it.

Tonight's is a really rough sketch of a sleeping Ninja that is in a series of stories I use to get my niece and nephew to go to sleep. My plan (copyright pending) is to make the stories into picture books for kids. Here's the sketch which I have decided isn't close to the final look I'll want this lazy dude to have:

- Conduct Lionhardt

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