Saturday, October 17, 2015

Inktober Day 17

Now THIS is a bit more like it!

Broke my rule and decided to spend more than the shorten time length I said I was going to do and came up with this illustration of Kyle Barnes (as played by Patrick Fugit) in the upcoming show "Outcast" (which is based off the series by one of my favorite artist, Paul Azaceta, and writer Robert Kirkman.) Its an atmospheric and creepy book about possession and NOT for the weak at heart and easily offended. I found a picture of the actor and tried to capture it via attempting an Azaceta-esque way of drawing it. It's not how Paul would draw it, I'm sure, but I feel its a decent middle ground. Maybe. haha.

Best thing I've done since my Casanova and Friday Foster pieces. Gonna try to stay at this level going forward. Enjoy!

- Conduct Lionhardt

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