Sunday, October 11, 2015

Inktober Day 11

Today I give you a two-fer of DC heroines, Huntress and Zatanna.

I like each of these characters for separate reasons.

Huntress is an interesting character that comes out of the Batman family of books, in that she occasionally has killed and is a bit more morally interesting to watch go through things than, say, a stalwart character like Batgirl or Robin. You're not really sure what she may do sometimes. That's fun to read.

Zatanna is actually a great concept that (outside of Paul Dini's work with the character in animation and comics) hasn't really ever been done well. She's a magician in places like Vegas and what not yet, she also is a sorceress of the highest order. There's such potential for her as a solo character but she is constantly paired up with people or teams. (that last bit will be funny by next weekend. Stay tuned.)

- Conduct Lionhardt

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