Thursday, June 16, 2016


Getting back into a lot of things I used to so, when a dude I've really appreciated as a friend and as an emcee released this single for his first piece of music in a long while, I knew that I wanted to conduct people's thoughts toward the sentiment of this track.

A little while ago some of you may remember me being on this message for people to BE BRAVE. I wanted to point out how much it seems that people don't do stuff out of a fear and how that keeps you from advancing and growing. I made a pretty big fuss about it over the internet and in in-person conversations. Cash Hollistah's single, "Jump" is a declaration of how he is no longer gonna hold back in any way shape or form and jump out on faith with his movements and music going forward.

Its a great message, I believe in with my all. I encourage everyone to pray up and go about doing it.

- Conduct Lionhardt


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