Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recent stuff! Yay!

Let's take a look at some new (or...well, MORE recent) art, huh? Sh'yeah!!

A commission piece I'm working on of actor, Idris Elba. I'm actually a huge fan of his...well everything. Ha, ha. His BBC show, "Luther," may possibly be one of my favorite shows. EVER. So, this was neat to work on. I actually broke out some new pencils on this one. Loving how they "feel" on the Bristol. There's a few things I'm going change when I finalize it and there's some background to add but, yeah, should end up being pretty good...hopefully. Ha.

So, here's a portrait of two students I know and the thing that really made me want to do this for them was the expressions here. Something that a lot of art doesn't do for me is have pure expressions. These faces...look at them. Its so funny how an image can tell you so much about someone and if you got to know these two, you'd surely see that this is a great intro into their character. That said...the pencil looks so light in this scanned image. Not too happy with that and maybe I should snap a shot and so it looks more like the page. (Nitpicky) Anyways, I like some of the detail work in the shading. They liked it too. Hope you do as well.

I do some warm-up sketches. Or, should I say, "sketches." Ha, ha. I usually do them in ink and often, differently styles. I haven't really landed on a technique I feel comfortable with yet. Anyways, this was a suggestion I got from a friend on facebook to draw the Wildstorm Comics character, Warblade, and somehow incorporate Pittsburgh into the image. For whatever reason, I thought it would be great to have the character in some construction clothes eating a classic Pittsburgh staple, a Primanti Bros sandwich. My fav part of the image is the crumbs from his mouth dribbling out and the fabric. Oh, I also dig the crumbs coming off his blade fingers. (YES, I get the joke that he looks very Edward Scissorhand-y. I didn't design the character.)

More to come soon. I'm a busy boy of late and I have a scanner to prove it.

- Conduct Lionhardt


  1. You are insanely incredibly talented!!!

  2. Really great work! I'd love to see some of it in color!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I'd love to see some in color as well but, I have even less time for color than I do for these "fun drawings." Sadly,
      the fun stuff doesn't help out other than having a few neat things to share.