Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hey my half dozen readers. Sorry for the long delay on posts. As I've stressed before, life sure knows how to gum up the works for this machine. When push comes to shove, I end up having to give the good 'ole blog the last of my focus.

Anways, I wanted to share an interesting fact about my art. A lot of people (haha) have heard me making statements about it where, I likely come off as too hard on myself or self-depreciating.
The fact of the matter is, yes, I do think a good deal of my work is lacking but, its not a thing where I'm being a "perfectionist," always having problems with every little detail. (Okay, honestly, I CAN be that guy too but...) I'm also not knocking my talent for a lack of much professional use. (That fact is debatable. I'm sure some of the people who "know" me would say it could be true. People feel that seeing everything in bright lights and being mentioned all over the place, defines professional. ya know, hardwork and many projects aside...)

No, my real problem with my work is a knowledge that I CAN do better. I just have an issue with most of what I do being work done under various pressures.

I'm not gonna waste time here talking about deadlines and life obligations and what those do to work quality, though. Seems like too much of a cop-out or excuse, right? No, what I'm gonna share, though, is that there's a clarity of skill that's apparent in the projects I do that get worked on when I have the least amount of "pressures." (Please note the plural.)

Deadlines are a given in a variety of fields and if you can't learn to hone your craft to meet them, I'd suggest something else as a line of work. But I'm sure every professional out there, will tell you that a large part of being a great worker and someone who can own the term, comes when you can grasp and learn to manage the juggling act of life. Things outside of work, schedule and time always will have some effect (large or small) on your approach. When I'm taking care of it the best, you see it in my stuff...and when I'm NOT, you see it too.

When I can seep into my work, when the art and I become one and the focus is set on the goal, you see some of the better design, layout, and visual crafting than you would when my mind is split focused.

So, what's my point? Well, to be honest, and I'm pretty sure many can agree, its not easily the best time to be a freelance...anything. Things are tight, extra non-what you prefer doing work is often required, and the cool stuff (or fun or, ultimately, creative stuff) ends up getting less focus on. That's sort of the nature of how things are at the moment. But. One must learn to perservere and push forward. You have to grow and progress and learn to handle the pressures that you run across in this life. And that's not only professionally speaking. You have to develope those skills outside of career too. Things aren't just going to bestow you with perfection (or your definition of.)

I'm learning and honing that in my life. In my career. And, for you few who are checking out my blog and, eventually, my website, you get to SEE me grow into being a man whom Pressures don't effect the quality of my skill...and my life.

- Conduct Lionhardt

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