Sunday, October 26, 2014


So there is this thing that is going on (and I always seem to learn about these far too late) called "Inktober" where illustrators post up daily inked illustrations for the entire month of October. I was not able to participate in it (due to not having scheduled work and other responsibilities to make time for it). Still, the concept is really great and while I haven't been able to do ink drawings daily, I have done some last month and a few this month. So in a very slim, "semi-connected-to-Inktober" act, I will be selling many of the past ink illustrations I've posted up here (and a few Halloween themed ones) on eBay this week.

So far I have posted up my Thor, The Arrow, John Luther and Alice Morgan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Trinity (from the Matrix), and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Oh, and this one will be for sale when it is done (this is 90%):

I really like this piece of "Psych" fan art, ha, ha. If I don't sell it, I'll frame it and put it on the wall near my desk.

I'll have 2-3 more Halloween up, just in time for the 'holiday.' I'll make sure to post them here as well, folks.

Here's the link to my seller page, for those interested:

Talk to y'all soon!

- Conduct Lionhardt

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