Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Update

So, I have began re-arranging how I go about my workday and it has led to some seriously great productivity. I'm still operating with less hours to continuously work than I would prefer but the changes I've made in the last few weeks, have really impacted how much I get done. The quality of the work and my ability to like it the next day have both improved also, ha, ha. There has even been time to work on polishing up the large stockpile of music I aim to record. I know some people out there are excited at the prospect of me doing that again and, to be honest, so am I... Especially with these next two releases I have planned, being material from a time, I feel, I was writing my best musically.

The past few weeks have been rather interesting ones. I aim to go into detail about some interactions I had and what thoughts came about because of them. In fact, they have fueled me to the point I'll be posting at least 3 times this week.

There will also be art to see! I have been spending plenty of time at the drawing table lately! For now though, here are thumbnails for something I'm slowly tinkering away at. These are pretty rough and I have to do some redesign/re-imagining of some of the elements...but you can still enjoy them.

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