Sunday, September 15, 2013

...Aaaand we're back!

It has been a long time…

I could go on about all the particulars of my long silence but, to make the story short, my computer stopped working and lost a large amount of files (thankfully I backed up MOST of them) but I wasn’t able to get on “the net” for awhile.

It was an interesting experience. I’ve heard stories from other creators about the same thing happening to them and, based on that, I lucked out quite a bit. All I had to do was re-scan some art (none of my projects were harmed.)

What I did get to do, however, is take some time to reflect on things and reassess where I’m at.

I try to take stock and question what I’m doing on a frequent basis. It is not that I’m fickle or anxious, though. I’m of the mind that, if more people took time to review their lives, then they could better conduct their decisions and actions with confidence. My mind often thinks of things in a graphic design/illustration sense so, it’s like being a writer and having friends (or an editor) give feedback. I make sure what the plan is, matches my work and output. So in a way, I allow myself to have distinct and solid checks and balances I run everything passed. (Maybe a good term for it is “self-editing?”)

So, what came from all this reflection and assessment? Well, I realized that as much as I enjoy designing/illustrating stuff for clients, there’s a part of me I haven’t been feeding: the desire to create personal projects. It always surprises me how some artists are able to work on paying gigs and find time in-between their work/life paradigm to fulfill personal works. I realized that I haven’t gone about creating space to do that and, I feel like it’s an accomplishment that means a great deal to me. Thus, I have some (ongoing) prayer and conversation with my mentors about how I can better arrange things to allow that to happen.

What does this mean to you? More art, some more music (I know, FINALLY, right?) and the return of interviews with interesting people.

The goal is to keep it weekly so, be expectant for some new stuff.

Now, I’m unsure if you’ve seen these ones before but, here are some of the few drawings I have re-scanned for you to peep with this post, in random order:

An unifinished Dr. Doom sketch. The pastor mentioned the word Doom and it was off to the races with inspiration. Ha!

I have some cool students at the youth group I help run. Delaney is one of them. This is one of the many cool expressions she has. I did this as a birthday present for her.

A few years ago there was a series that Marvel Comics did that had a secret cabal of heroes who secretly were running things. A friend of mine asked me to sketch up a DC Comics version so, choosing from the former continuity of their comics line, my line-up  would be (clockwise): Mr. Terrific, Aquaman, Oracle, A Guardian of the Universe, The Martian Manhunter, The Question, and Dr. Fate. unfinished pencil sketch.

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