Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How about a bunch of Art, eh?

Soooo...Long story short, this has been a rough year on the financial end of things. Freelance illustration is a tough racket. I've had to cut out (or off) a lot of things to make ends meet. Some things...I really would have like to keep. Now, it looks like internet may be the next to go.

With that being the case, I figured it may be a good idea to spend a few days this week, posting up some art.

I'll also be trying my best to get an interview or two up (with art,) before the point I think I'll end up having to let internet go for awhile. Cross your fingers and pray about that, since it requires my interview subjects to get answers to my questions back to me.

Anyways, here goes some art with small descriptions.

The first one is a portrait piece I did for an old friend, the rest, all sketches (most of them, done just as my warm-up drawings before doing ACTUAL illustrations.)

More to come!

- Conduct Lionhardt

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