Monday, February 20, 2012

The Beauty of NOT getting it...

Below are a few "tries" at a cover for my own personal album, "finite." Thought you'd enjoy a look at some images that just didn't work for what I was trying to "get" as a cover.

So, maybe you are asking why someone would wanna post up some artwork on their blog that "didn't get" what they were going for?

Well, for me I think we (and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY consider myself a part of that "we") have this tendency to become overly consumed with only showcasing the BEST of ourselves that we sort of miss out on the gem that is FAILURE. I've found that the most interesting and well remembered points of growth for me have come completely out of the times in which I have personally messed up what I was seeking to do best. Whether a first (or second, or third) take on an illustration, or performing infront of some people and botching up a few lyrics here and there, its these moments that showed me things about myself, things which I wouldn't have been made to see if it weren't for the lack of perfection in the moment.

I think we need to, at times, be seen and show to others that we're basically all human and flawed, that even those of us with some form of a skill or talent can be faulty or imperfect in those things, despite having had times where we "nail it" or "stick the landing."

I suppose its called transperancy to allow for this open viewing but, as a person who's gained (I suppose) a "following" of any sort, it just strikes me as incredibly vain to only place my greatest outcomes infront of you to see. All this, anything I write, say, or draw, comes from dedication and hard work. Part of that PROCESS is, inevitably, messing up and fixing or reworking things till they land on what we call "success."

These images are things I drew well enough but DIDN'T meet what was needed to the convey well idea of the album, well enough.

There's this unique beauty of "NOT getting it." It causes you to get further than you would have if things had just "gone smoothly." I think people don't appreciate those moments as they should. My "misses" are the things that informed the best things I've ever done. I try my best to not take them for granted. 

What did all this failure produce? Well, tomorrow all will be revealed. Until then, just try and see the beauty in weird a statement as that is.

- Conduct Lionhardt

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