Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog is back and, oh, I have an album out

Sorry. It has taken forever to get to a point where I can blog.

I feel like I've been neglecting this place... even though most of what I've been away doing was FOR here. I wanted to make sure that I was in the right frame of mind to blog consistently AND that I had some visual stuff for you guys to see. The format of the blog will remain the same (for the most part) as I seek to make mention of some stuff worth thinking about but on top of the usual banter and occasional interview with people I find interesting, I really just want to share some artwork, if that would be fine. So, expect a few images on here later today.

My time has also been occupied with preparations and work on some music I'm involved with. The process of creation with music is slower than that of art. Art, I just wake up and draw on some boards and a few hours later I can present it. Music...there's mixing and mastering, marketing it to people, finding production to rap on...its all this stuff. Even fast tracked, it can take months or a year to release stuff...unless you do a track at a time and, HONESTLY who wants THAT?

So, that brings me to this final point, I do have a project me and my friend (Jordan Santana) did last summer. He and I go by "The Royal Applebaums" (as much a tribute to the great Wes Anderson film "The Royal Tannenbaums" as well as a tip of the hat to Tribe Called Quest's classic, "Bonita Applebum"). Just an EP of 8 tracks, on production from Swedish producer Error96. We rap about a few things people experience and/or struggle with in this life. It is called simply, "Earth."
I hope you guys enjoy it. (If so, tell a friend to check it out as well)

 I really am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and bringing art and interviews to you all, once again.

- Conduct Lionhardt

The Royal Applebaums "Earth" EP

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